a book

This is the very first employment self-help book that is not lame and spirit-puncturing.

The Explosexuawesome Career Guide exposes the truly enticing employment opportunities that the guidance counselor cabal keeps carefully hidden. You’ll find out how to get paid for studying potential forms of alien jabber, the surest ways to get yourself crowned as monarch of a modern state, and what professional gamblers talk about at four in the morning.

Author Mose Hayward has selected out only the most envy-inducing jobs from around the planet, interviewed the actual job holders, and reported back on just how freaking awesome their work days are. You’ll find critical information on salaries, potential job hazards, and how to perform the work tasks, from writing a pop song for a macho mega-star to setting oneself on fire.

Most importantly, you’ll find out how you, yourself, yes, you, can attain such mind-shatteringly rad employment. Your future career, and the accompanying ultrasexy, explosive chic, is now in your hands.

Mose Hayward is a playwright. His funnest jobs have been operating puppets, writing for a Chilean soap opera, and throwing metal into a trash compactor. He lives in Paris.

Illustrator Chris Stangl lives, writes, and draws in Los Angeles.

The book was published in the USA and Canada by Andrews McMeel in 2006. It's now out of print and the publisher no longer owns the rights to it (those rights reverted to me) but they seem to be selling digital copies anyway on Amazon etc.